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ZEUS-200S/150 can be used where private practice and outpatient clinics.
- Simple operation.
- Best Safety with Feedback system.
REM(Return Electrode Monitoring) monitors the size of contact area between
a patient and the pad. If the size is inappropriate, it automatically blocks the
high-frequency current to minimize the danger of burning incidents.
- Auto select function
Without pressing cut or coagulation button, can select working mode by usign
twin button handle & double footswitch.
- Reach max output power quickly
Press each mode button for 3 sec, the power is set 1 W, so it enables to control
from 1 W to maximum output power quickly.
- ZEUS-200s compatibles with Argon-Z(Argon Plasma Coagulation)
- CE, ISO13485, KFDA certified.