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ZEUS-400/300/200 is one of the most popualr models among ZERONE's products,
which use for universal purpose.
- 4 kinds of cut, bipolar and monopolar coagulation.
- Distinguish each working condition by audio sound and LED lamp.
- Best safty with Feedback system.
REM(Return Electrode Monitoring)monitors the size of contacting area between
a patient and the pad, if the size is inappropriate, it automatically blocks the
high-frequecy current to minimize the danger of burning incidents.
- Stable output power.
Unit can stably and stragithly output power by using micro processor.
When the unit turn off and turn it back on, last set value will display by
flash memory.
- ZEUS-400 is compatibles with Argon-Z(Argon Plasma Coagulation)
※ In case of ZEUS-200, receptacle part is little different. receptacle for monopolar
twin button handle is one. When place an order, please be reference.
- CE, ISO13485, KFDA certified.