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INFU-Z 4000
 Clear, Easier and Faster
  Touchable Keypad
   - Easy and fast way to set up
  Various Displays
   - FND displays numerical data clearly
  User friendly & Ergonomic design
   - Simple set up process makes user feels comfortable and variety display
     makes user gets complete information at one glance
   Proper weight & superb grip for easy carriage
Alarm(Visual & Audio) Function
  Door open
  Air Bubble sensing
  Low battery
  Infusion complete
  3 steps 1: 100~400 mmHg
             5: 300~700 mmHg
             9: 600~1000 mmHg
  Door error sensing by drop sensor
   -Including empty error
   -External option
  Device malfunction
   -Status of equipment and alarm
  Start reminder alarm
   -After pause setting time
Safety Function
  Keypad lock - All key don't work except START and on/off key
  Door open
  Air sensor
  Occlusion sensor
  Drop sensor
  Nurse call
   - Each unit can be connected with nurse call system
Various Function
  Self testing
  Retain memory-last setting value will be retained
  Remaining time display
  Alarm repeater
  Buzzer level - 9 steps
  Purge - faster infusion than normal state
  Titration (changing the flow rate during infusion)
  Infusion setup-flow rate/Infused volume/Infusion time
  Less noise(Micro stepping motor)
  Easy replacement of battery
- CE, ISO13485, KFDA certified.